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Countries of the European Union:

if you are a citizen of a member country of the E.U. you will not have to pay the cost of medical treatment in Spain but you will have to pay prescription fees. Request in your country documents to be able to receive medical assistance abroad (E111 model). Other countries: if you do not belong to a member country of the European Union or if your country does not have a reciprocal agreement with Spain, how much you pay is up to the doctor’s discretion. You may have your own insurance scheme or, if you wish, the Institute BERCEO can provide you with insurance for medical assistance IATI. . It covers all the medical services except the dentist. The price of the insurance does not go including in the Spanish course . Even so, if you intend to spend a long time in Spain we advise you to take out fully comprehensive insurance in your own country.


Next it will be able to see the approximated prices of a coffee in Salamanca, a refreshment etc.


Complete breakfast 2 – 3 Euros
Luch in restaurant 8 – 30 Euros
Lunch in university dining room 6 Euros
Bocadillo 2,5 – 5 Euros
Sandwich 2 – 5 Euros
Hamburguer 1-5 Euros
Fruit/Kg 1 – 3 Euros
Beer with cover 1,50 – 2,50 Euros
Wine with cover 1,50 – 2,50 Euros
Coffee, chocolate, tea 1 – 1,80 Euros
Mineral water 0,60 – 1,60 Euros
Coca cola, lemon, orange 0,80 – 1,80 Euros
Sangría 0,90 – 1,80 Euros
Cinema 4-7 Euros
Theater 15-35 Euros
Concerts of music 15-35 Euros
Swimming pool 3 – 5 Euros
Tracks of tenis/hour 4 Euros
Sum to caballo/hour 12 Euros
Gimnasio/month 40 Euros
Dance classes /month 18 – 30 Euros
Taxi airport – Madrid 20 – 30 Euros
Madrid Bus – Salamanca 27 Euros
Train Madrid – Salamanca 27 Euros
Excursions of a day 25- 40 Euros


The fastest and direct form is to travel in airplane until Madrid. From Madrid they hourly leave buses and trains towards Salamanca, from the 07:00 h. to the 22:00 h. The trip from Madrid to Salamanca lasts approximately two hours and average. Also bus or train can travel in from its country of origin to Salamanca, if it does from Europe. There is a regular line with two trips to the week that pass by several countries.

BERCEO offers Special a Private Service of Transfer from the airport to Salamanca. A driver with an automobile will look for the student until the airport and will directly take it until your accommodation in Salamanca. This service is offered of individual way or for groups. In case of choosing this modality, it will have to previously make the payment of the transport to the Institute.


Autobuses Avanza Madrid

Renfe Madrid Trains – Salamanca

Bus-station of Salamanca Information bureau

Seeking Salamanca Street guide of streets of Salamanca

Airport of Madrid international Airport Adolfo Suárez Barajas 913 058 345

Metro of Madrid :

Converter of currency


If you need visa, when you formalize the inscription, we will send a certificate of matriculation of our Spanish courses, properly signed and sealed to you, with indication of which you made all the payments corresponding, with the dates of beginning and aim of Spanish course, the lodging and the hours that it will have. If you had some doubt or asks, we will have the pleasure to answer you as soon as posible.

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