5 Tips for Choosing your Ideal Spanish Course - Berceo Salamanca, Spain

5 Tips for Choosing your Ideal Spanish Course


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5 Tips for Choosing your Ideal Spanish Course

Would you like to spend your summer in Spain and improve your Spanish? Here we offer some advice that will help you when it comes to finding the appropriate class fit for your level of Spanish.

1. Location

Spain is a country filled with diversity in terms of culture, gastronomy, and linguistics. In addition, it has everything from scenic landscapes to modern and cosmopolitan cities. For this reason, everyone is able to find something that they like. If you enjoy festivals, meeting people from all over the world, and living the night life then you should visit the larger cities of Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Granada.
On the other hand, if your objective apart from improving your Spanish is to be in a relaxed environment and get to know the Spanish culture, it’s better to visit a smaller city located in the interior of the country such as Salamanca, Leon, Toledo or Segovia. If you like the ocean, there are beautiful cities on the coast such as Marbella, Cadiz, Benidorm, Cartagena, Denia or Lloret de Mar, for example.

2. Spanish Institute

Combining learning and rest can result in difficulty so it is important to opt for the schools that offer all levels of Spanish. Also, pay attention to the classroom format that is provided: group classes, individual, personalized, etc. Lastly, look at the accreditation of the school. Every Spanish institute should have the accreditation from the Institute of Cervantes. The accreditation assures you of the professorate level, the methodology of the teaching, the lecture materials, and the organization of the classes which are designed following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Choose a school that is not very big. That way you’ll receive personal treatment with greater attention to your needs and you will feel at home.

3. Housing

The key to any stay in a foreign country is choosing a good place to live. Consult the housing possibilities at the language institute that you choose. The prices are usually cheaper if you book through your school.
The options are:
– Live with a Spanish family
– Student residence
– Shared/Individual Apartment
– Hotel
Every option has its advantages and disadvantages. If you really want to practice your Spanish and immerse yourself in the culture, the best idea would be to live with a family. Not only would you be surrounded by Spaniards, you would enjoy the typical food.

4. Activities

When you study abroad it is fundamental to know the culture. After having chosen the city where you want to study, take a look at the tourism pages on the internet. Inform yourself on the history and the important points of interest of the city including: museums, monuments, theaters, cafeterias, bars, clubs, etc.

Also, the institute of language will always give you the option of choosing from a multitude of activities which you can attend with your classmates and professors. Some of the most popular activities include dancing classes, horseback riding, seeing a play at the theater, beach and pool visits, hiking, climbing, and tapas bar hopping. Everyone is able to find something according to their likes and preferences.

5. Organizing your trip

When you organize your trip, do it in advance in order to avoid potential problems in the future. You must think about how you are going to arrive at the city you choose from the airport. Normally your school will help you with this process. Through the inscription sheet you can mark what you need for your trip.

If you need a visa to travel to Spain, start the process 2 months in advance. Ask for a letter of invitation from the school where you will study and present it to your embassy.

Follow our advice and enjoy your vacation!


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