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Spanish accommodation in Salamanca

BERCEO offers its students a wide range of Spanish accommodation options. Whichever you pick, you may rest assured that it has been chosen only after having passed our demanding selection procedures. The options are as follows:

familia SPANISH FAMILIES: this is the best way of both practising the Spanish language and becoming familiar with Spanish customs and habits. Families chosen by Academia BERCEO have been selected with the greatest care, live in the city center and their accommodation enjoys all modern conveniences, and you will be welcomed as another member of the family. 

  • Students may choose either a shared double room -H.D.- or single room -H.I.-, and opt for either full board -P.C.- (three meals a day) or half board -M.P.- (breakfast and lunch).
  • He can be in the family the days that wish, the payment is made exactly by the days of stay.
  • We carefully evaluate the information you give us in the "remarks" on the application form and try to find a family which fulfills the needs of the students. It is important to know if you smoke or if cigarette smoke bothers you, if you like small children or domestic animals, if you have an allergy or illness, or if you need a special diet. The family is responsible for the cleanliness of the room. The student must bring towels for his or her own personal use.

residencia FLATS: one option is to share an apartment with other students. One can choose a single -H.I.- or double room -H.D.-. The apartments have all the necessary comforts and all include heating, kitchen and washing machine. It is not necessary to bring sheets or blankets; only towels and personal belongings.

Type A: these apartments are situated about ten to twenty minutes away from the center of Salamanca. Their price varies depending on whether they have a television, telephone, dining-room, sitting room, etc.

Type B: these apartments are in the center of the city and have all facilities.

NOTE: if anything special is required, please mention it on the application form under "remarks”. BERCEO will reserve the rooms according to the availability of the moment. The rooms are only rented like minimum by two weeks, (always in multiple of two) adapting their rent always to the scholastic calendar of the BERCEO Spanish courses.

Spanish hotel to study Spanish in Salamanca, Spain HOTELS 
In Salamanca we have to disposition of our visitors a great variety of hotels and hostals of different categories, prices and quality. If you wish to live in a hotel, you must contact with us and we will give you, depending on your exigencies, a list of possibilities so that you can choose.

The residences have been selected based on the quality and the proximity to BERCEO. They have outer rooms, common zones with television, video and dining room. It consults the modalities of lodging available in each one of them.

habitacion APARTMENTS
They are small independent apartments, of one or two seats, with a room (individual or double), a bath, cooks and a small hall Se must make the reserve with enough advance.