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ACADEMIA BERCEO Spanish School in Salamanca, Spain.

The ACADEMIA BERCEO SALAMANCA is a Spanish school founded in 1994 by professional Spanish teachers, that through their common experience and feeling for the Spanish language, have got together to enable language students to learn Spanish through the most advanced techniques available. The Spanish school BERCEO is situated in the heart of old Salamanca, Spain, two minutes from the Plaza Mayor. We have make renew the classrooms, air conditionner, snack coffee... Berceo is the only Spanish school in Salamanca adaptaded for people with fisical problems. Students who are studying Spanish language with us have internet service (free) and they can receive calls and fax (free). Students can also bring their own laptop to connect it from any classroom.

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The quality of our Spanish teaching is guaranteed by our many years of experience in the world of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We have brought together all the qualities one would expect to find in a good Spanish school. We have a permanent staff of qualified Spanish teachers, all with degrees in Spanish literature and all fully experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language

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Moreover, they are all fully conversant with modern methods of Spanish language teaching and this, together with their cheerfulness, enthusiasm and dedication enables the students to attain the best results in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The rest of our team, be they managers, administrators or personal counsellors are equally dedicated to the students and to resolving any problem they may face, be it in or out of the classroom (accommodation, illness...). In addition the Spanish school organises a great variety of social and cultural activities, so that our students feel quickly at home in
Salamanca and get to know, as soon as possible, the best places to have a great time studing Spanish language.

is a Spanish school open all year round and offers a wide range of Spanish courses; DELE, Spanish standard course, intensive Spanish, Spanish grammar, Spanish business, Spanish for tourism, one to one, Spanish literature, Spanish for teenagers... The size of our Spanish school means that we are both large enough to offer a fully structured Spanish teaching programme and small enough to ensure that the students, studing Spanish, get all the individual care and attention they need within the atmosphere of friendliness and internationality which makes our Spanish school so special.

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