Individual Presence or Skype

Individual Presence or Skype

Learn and improve your Spanish level quickly and with the possibility of doing it online.


Due to requirement of the student

Number of students



From A1 to C2

Minutes per lesson


Course Description


Face-to-face lessons: You can choose the schedule and number of the lessons you want.

You set your goals and we will reach them together: improve your level, conversational part, grammar, specialized Spanish (for medicine, tourism, business, etc.).


Skype lessons: You can study from your house and develop your skills in your country, once you finish your course in Spain.

What is included?

Personal Schedule

Additional materials

Personal Education


—Special Courses
Individual lesson

1 hour

36 € per lesson
Individual Skype lesson

1 hour

25 € per lesson

Calendar 2019

Months January February March April May June July August September October November December
Days 8 – 31 1 – 28 1 – 29 1 – 30 2 – 31 3 – 29 1 – 31 1 – 31 2 – 28 1 – 31 4 – 30 2 – 20

*The course can be started any Monday. To start any other day, please contact with us.

The level A1 students may start the first monday monthly.


April  18th, 19 th and 23rd; May 1st; June 12th; August 15th; September 8th; October 12th; November 1st; December 6th and  9th.

*Our center is closed from 23/12/2019 to 06/01/2020.