Spanish courses for groups

Study abroad in Salamanca, Spain

Berceo Salamanca school offers Special Spanish courses for students groups – any age, Students from schools, institutes, universities, associations, professionals or groups of friends that want to take a Spanish course adapted for their needs. The dates, lenght, classes timetable, activities and excursions will be adapted to the groups convenience.

We offer different possibilities, due to the reason that the programs are designed for every group. You can choose different options of the courses (all levels), accommodation (host-family, apartment, university residence) or activities.

Actividad grupo de estudiantes español

Personalized programs for Spanish students groups

Spanish course

-Group may choose daily course lessons. The most popular is 4 daily lessons – 20 week.

– Didactical materials, developed by our own teachers, are all-included.

– Work groups average 10 students (15  maximum).

– Study certificate at the end of the course.

Calle Compañía Salamanca


– Students may live with Spanish families or  Residence .

-Half board or Full board.

– Teachers or group leaders can choose between Residence , Hotel or similar, in single room.

– All the available accommodations are close to the city center.


– All the activities may be customized for every group.

-The groups can choose  different activities provided for our school  or any other personalized performances or activities.

– We provide guided tours, gastronomic activities, specialized workshops,  sports, one day trip, dance lessons and special digital activities.

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