Super Intensive Spanish Course- Berceo Salamanca

Super Intensive

Super Intensive Spanish Course


Every Monday

Beginners: 1st Monday of the month

Number of students


Average: 6


From A1 to C2

Minutes per lesson


Course Description

A very complete course of the Spanish language that includes the developing of all the parts of the language with functional, grammar, lexical, intercultural content. In addition, it includes a specialized lesson that you will chose:

Levels A1 -A2: lexical enrichment and oral interaction (idioms, colloquial expressions, etc.)

Levels B1-C2: Spanish culture (art, history, literature, traditions, etc.)

5 lessons daily.


Duration by level:

A1-A2: 6 weeks, 125 hours (150 sessions).

B1-C2: 9 weeks, 180 hours (225 sessions).

*Goals by level: A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2

What is included?

25 lessons per week

Free certificate

Additional materials


—General Courses1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks
Super Intensive + Culture
or Lexical extencion

25 hours/week

245 €430 €605 €770 €

Calendar 2022

Days10– 281 – 251 – 314 – 293 – 316 – 304 – 291 – 315 – 303 – 282 – 301 – 16

*The course can be started any Monday. To start any other day, please contact with us.

The level A1 students may start the first monday monthly.


April  14th,15th and 23rd; May 2nd; June 13th; August 15th; September 8th; October 12th; November 1st; December 6th and  8th.

*Our center is closed from 21/12/2022 to 06/01/2023.