Super Intensive Spanish Course- Berceo Salamanca

Super Intensive

Super Intensive Spanish Course


Every Monday

Beginners: 1st Monday of the month

Number of students


Average: 6


From A1 to C2

Minutes per lesson


Course Description

A very complete course of the Spanish language that includes the developing of all the parts of the language with functional, grammar, lexical, intercultural content. In addition, it includes a specialized lesson that you will chose:

Levels A1 -A2: lexical enrichment and oral interaction (idioms, colloquial expressions, etc.)

Levels B1-C2: Spanish culture (art, history, literature, traditions, etc.)

5 lessons daily.


Duration by level:

A1-A2: 6 weeks, 125 hours (150 sessions).

B1-C2: 9 weeks, 180 hours (225 sessions).

*Goals by level: A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2

What is included?

25 lessons per week

Free certificate

Additional materials


—General Courses1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks
Super Intensive + Culture
or Lexical extencion

25 hours/week

240 €390 €535 €670 €

Calendar and Dates

Calendar 2021

Days11– 291 – 261 – 315 – 303 – 317 – 305 – 302 – 316 – 304 – 292 – 301 – 17

*The course can be started any Monday. To start any other day, please contact with us.

The level A1 students may start the first monday monthly.


April  1st, 2nd and 23rd; August 16th; September 8th; October 12th; November 1st; December 6th and  8th.

*Our center is closed from 22/12/2021 to 07/01/2022.