study Spanish in Spain Salamanca BERCEO - árbol de la SabiduríaTHE QUALITY OF TEACHING:  Success at ACADEMIA BERCEO is guaranteed by our many years of experience in the world of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We have brought together all the qualities one would expect to find in a good  Spanish school. in Salamanca. We have a staff of qualified Spanish teachers, all with degrees in Spanish literature and all fully experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Moreover, they are all fully conversant with modern methods of Spanish language teaching and this, together with their cheerfulness, enthusiasm and dedication enables the students to attain the best results in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. A lot of our students keep in touch or return to continue studing Spanish with us.


AlumnosStudying Spanish at Academia BERCEO is the most affordable way to learn Spanish in the country itself. Here you can find the best Spanish courses in arguably the most attractive town in Spain, Salamanca. Our Spanish school in Salamanca runs Spanish courses throughout the year. Welcome to studying Spanish at Academia BERCEO. We offer specialised courses to teach the Spanish language. Our school provides high-quality courses catering for students of all ages and levels. Whatever your needs or interests, we are confident that we will have a course to suit you. As well as standard and intensive Spanish language courses of 10, 15, 20, 25 or more lessons/week, our schools also offer a wide range of specialist Spanish courses such as business Spanish, DELE, Spanish for teachers, Spanish and Flamenco, Spanish revision courses, Spanish grammar, Spanish culture, Spanish literature, Spanish for tourism...


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BERCEO is a Spanish school with a warm and personalised atmosphere where students will always find encouragement and support while learning Spanish.
Our purpose is not only to teach Spanish, but also to encourage the students to participate as much as possible in the everyday Spanish life and culture of Spain. It is with this in mind that we organize many extracurricular Spanish activities.
You will enjoy it.

Individual Attention

study Spansih in salamanca Spain seniors BERCEOAcademia BERCEO teaches in small groups to ensure that we can be both large enough to offer a fully structured Spanish teaching program, and small enough to give you all the individual care and attention you need within the friendly and international atmosphere which makes our Spanish school so special. Special emphasis is attached to individual progress, and individual tests are given with the aim of guaranteeing that every student´s ultimate aims are achieved.

Cohabitation – Share living

Spanish school in Salamanca, Spain to study Spanish with BERCEOAll of the accommodation options offered by BERCEO are comfortable and within easy walking distance of Salamanca center. Berceo offers accommodation in carefully selected families, homes, hotels, apartments and rooms in shared flatstudent apartments with all amenities. The student, at the time of their registration requirements states that you want to find in your accommodation, and we'll take care of finding the most suited to your interests.

Salamanca (Spain)

 Catedral de Salamanca Salamanca is easily the best choice for learning Spanish in Spain. BERCEO is in the centre of Salamanca, just 3 minutes´ walk from the Plaza Mayor (social and historic center). Salamanca is a beautiful university city and those who choose to learn Spanish here can mix with Spanish students and join in the wonderful 'student life' that Salamanca is famous for. Salamanca is an ancient and very beautiful city, home to one of the most prestigious universities in Europe.

The stone-built faculty buildings share the historic heart of Salamanca with palaces, noblemen's houses, convents and the most impressive 'Plaza Mayor' (main square) in the whole of Spain. This is an ideal location in which to study because the Spanish spoken here is pure “Castellano”, with no regional accent or dialect.                                                                     


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