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At what age can I start studying Spanish?

At whatever age you like! Here at Berceo Salamanca we believe it’s never too late. During the entire year we receive students of all ages from groups of children up to any age.

What is the minimum age to register for a class?

The minimum age for any course is 16. (Except organizated groups under 16 years old)

What is the maximum age to study?

We do not have one. You can study Spanish when you want.

Are the classes taught in Spanish?

Yes, all of the professors are native speakers and 100% of the classes are taught in Spanish.

Do I need previous knowledge of Spanish?

Not necessarily, you can start your course without having had any previous knowledge of Spanish. Our school offers classes at every level.

When can I start the class?

Our courses start every Monday, except for the principal class that should start every Monday of every month.

How long does a course last?

As long as you want, the minimum is one week for general courses and for private lessons, however long you would like.

Once I’ve paid for my course am I able to extend it?

Yes, you simply have to notify our secretary.

Can I cut short my course once I’ve already paid?

Once the classes have started, you can only cut it short for a justifiable reason. Before
starting, you need to advise the secretary 15 days in advance.

How much in advance should I reserve my course?

It is not necessary that you reserve too far in advance although we recommend that you do
it 15 days before the start of the course, above all to ensure housing.

Are there extra payments apart from registration?

There are no extra payments. After having registered you should pay 150.000 euros for the
pre-inscription, this payment will be deducted from your final payment of the course.

Is there a minimum number of students in each class?

The minimum number for each class is 3 students. If we do not reach this minimum the
class is not available and you will be reimbursed.

Do I need to pay for extra materials?

In class we use the textbook “Nuevo Prisma” of the editorial Edinumen for every level. The
price for every unity is 25 euros. The two-week courses will included all of the didactic
materials, except for pen and paper.

In the case of preparation classes for the DELE exam, we use the textbook “Preparacion al
diploma de español DELE” of the editorial Edelsa.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of my course?

If you have assisted 85% of your classes, you will always obtain a certificate without any
additional cost that details the dates of your course, the level, and the hours. To obtain the
official diploma for your level you will have to take the DELE exam.

How will I know which level to study for?

At the beginning of your course, you will be given a test to classify your level and assign you
to the correct group of studies. Also, if you would like to take the test before you start, you
can on our website level test.

Can I change my level if I don’t think it is the correct one?

Yes. At any moment you can speak with your professors and it will be evaluated. You can
also have your level changed if the teaching department considers it appropriate.

What do I need to bring to my classes?

You need to bring a pen and paper or a notebook. You can also bring whatever you need

Is it a safe city?

Salamanca is a very calm city, you can stroll through the streets at any time of day.

Do I need to use public transportation?

The city is medium-sized and there are not any big distances, everything is relatively close.
Available in the city is a network of urban buses that connect to every point in the city: Salamanca Urban Buses

Is Berceo Academy located in the center of the city?

Yes, you will find it right in the center next to the convent Las Claras and the gran via. It is
500 meters from the Plaza Mayor. The area is very quiet, there is no traffic or noise.

What is the schedule of the stores, banks, etc.?

Normally everything is open from 10:00am-1:00pm and from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Some
bigger stores and supermarkets are open from 10:00am-10:00pm and some banks from

Are there a lot of young people?

Salamanca is a university town, which means that it is a juvenile and cosmopolitan
environment. This makes it so that everyone feels integrated right away.

Is it far from Madrid?

We are 220 kilometers of distance from Madrid. Salamanca is very connected through the
train and bus system, every day at every hour starting at 6:00am you can travel to Madrid.
In fact, now there exists a train of high velocity that allows you to arrive in Madrid in one
hour and forty-five minutes.

Where can I find more information about the city?

Salamanca has a tourist office situated in the Plaza Mayor. You can also consult their
website: https://www.salamanca.es/es/

What are the closest beaches?

At three hour drive from Salamanca you will find Portuguese beaches. You can also visit
beaches in Asturias and pass through a scenic route.

Does this service have any extra costs?

The assignment of your housing arrangement is a free service brought to you by Berceo Academy.

Can I reserve a combined housing arrangement?

Yes, you can stay in one type of housing for the first part and choose a different type of
housing for the second part. For example, for a one month stay, you can choose 15 days of
housing with a Spanish family and for the other 15 days you can live in shared apartment.

Can I ask for a double room if I travel alone?

A shared double room is only allowed when two people travel together.

Can I change my housing arrangement if I’m not comfortable with what I was assigned?

Of course, we will take care of assigning you a new housing setup immediately.

How many times can I change my housing arrangement?

For motives of unfulfilllment on behalf of your housing selection, as many times as you would like.

Do I have to leave my housing accommodation once my course ends?

You can choose the days that you wish to stay in your housing accommodation, and you pay for the dates of occupation. Simply choose this option when you register for classes.

What is my option for housing if I’m under age?

You can only live with a Spanish family.

Do I have to pay any extra bill: internet, light, water, etc.?

All of the expenses are included with your housing accommodation. You only have to pay
for what considered an extra expense on our website.

How do I pay for my housing?

The payment is made directly at the school at the beginning of your course. In the case of a
stay that is less than a month, the payment is made at the time of registration. In the case of
a longer stay, you will pay at the beginning of every month.

Collaborate with Us


The best way to get to know the Spanish culture and language is to live in the host family. This experience is also very important for
families who receive foreign students.

The families who decide to collaborate with Academy Berceo Salamanca have to fulfill requirements that you can see below:

– The accommodation has to be located not more than 10 min walking from school.

– The accommodation will have all the necessary facilities (furniture, household appliances, etc.) in perfect conditions.

– The family will receive and help students as if they were a part of the family. It is very important to have an environment of the mutual respect and tolerance between family and students.

– The meal will be varied and abundant, paying attention to the students’ preferences and intolerances. In case of excursion, the family provides packed lunch.

– The family will give keys to the student and he/she will have complete freedom to leave and enter the apartment whenever the family order will not be interrupted (in case of under-age students, the schedule will be provided by the school).

If you want to become a family of Academy Berceo Salamanca and receive foreign students, contact us.


Our school offers to our students the possibility of different types of accommodation.

– One of them is apartment: whole ore shared.

– All the appartments are located not more tan 10 min walk from our school.

– All of them are fuuly equipped and are in good conditions. They have all necessary furniture, household appliances, beddings, cutlery and crockery.

If you have an apartment and you want to collaborate with Academy Berceo Salamanca, contact us.


If you want to collaborate as an agent o if you represent any Company, contact us by email: berceo@berceo.com


  Our school is situated in the heart of Salamanca, academic city located in the region of Castilla y Leon (Spain). Here the people speak a very correct Spanish, free of any accent that makes every student understand it quite rapidly.

Declared by Unesco to be the World’s Herritage site, it disposes of beautiful monuments like Plaza Mayor, both of its Cathedrals, la Case de las Conchas (the House of Shells),
Monterrey palace, San Esteban Convent, the University, etc. Thanks to its University, one of the oldest ones, the city receives around 30.000 students every year that makes the city full of intense cultural life (theatres, expositions, concerts, movie cycles, folklore, etc.) and at the same time have a festive, young, fun and cosmopolite atmosphere, where both the foreign students and the locals are truly integrated.

Due to it being a medium-sized city, all of this is relatively close to each other and you don’t need to use any method of transportation. Moreover, it’s quite a tranquil city, where you can walk around without any problems during both day and night.

Salamanca is very close to Portugal, only 100 km to its closest point and 220 km to Madrid, the capital of Spain; to which it’s well connected thanks to the great bus service from the airport and also trains with the frequency of every hour.

If you desire to get more information about Salamanca, its life, culture, arts and activities, we Salamanca.es

Virtual visit: www.salamancatourvirtual.es

– POPULATION: 150.000 residents+ 30.000 university students.

– LOCATION: southeast of Castilla y León. Situated 100km from Portugal’s border and 220km from Madrid.

– ALTITUDE: 802 metros.

– CLIMATE: 8 ° C during winter and 35° C maximum during the summer. We recommend you to take warm clothes for winter months (December and January) and light clothes for July and August.

– HOLIDAYS: 12 of June, Day of San Juan de Sahagun, and from 8 to 16 of September the city’s holidays are being held.

– PLACES OF INTEREST: Plaza Mayor (Main Square), Casa de las Conchas, Monterrey Palace, Cathedrals (gothic and roman), Anaya Palace, University Facade, Puente Romano (Roman bridge), San Esteban Convent.

– MUSEUMS: Museum of Art Nouveau –Art Decó Casa Lis, Domus Artium 2002, Museum of Automotive History, Commercial Museum, Salamanca Museum, Taurine (bullfighting) Museum, University Museum, Ieronimus, Scala Coeli, Monumenta Salmanticae.

– DEMONYM: Salmantinos or charros.

How to arrive to Salamanca

The fastest and simplest way is to take an airplane until the airport Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas. It´s possible to come to Salamanca directly from the airport by bus.

The trip takes approximately two and a half hours; the company is called AVANZABUS and buses leave frequently.

From Madrid you get Salamanca by bus (Avanzabus) or train (RENFE). Now is a special train from Madrid to Salamanca takes one hour and half.

From Madrid they hourly leave buses and trains towards Salamanca, from the 07:00 h. to the 22:00.

The two stations in Salamanca are located in the centre of the city.

If you are coming from Portugal or France you can come by bus or train.

Academia Berceo Salamanca offers Special a Private Service of Transfer from the airport to Salamanca. A driver with an automobile will look for the student until the airport and will directly take it until your accommodation. If you are interested in this service contact us.


Bus Madrid – Salamanca. www.avanzabus.com

Renfe – Trains. www.renfe.com

Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport. www.aeropuertomadrid-barajas.com

Spanish Airport. www.aena.es

Salamanca Bus Station. www.estacionautobusessalamanca.es

Metro Madrid. www.metromadrid.es


World Heritage City

City of Spanish


Safe City

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Vista nocturna de Catedrales Salamanca
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