DELE/SIELE Preparation Course of Spanish Language


6-8 weeks before the date of the exam

Number of students

Maximum: 8

Average: 4


From A1 to C2

Minutes per lesson



International exam


International exam

DELE Course Description

The preparation course for DELE exam is for students who want to present it and to get an official certificate provided by the Ministry of Education and the Cervantes Institute.

There are 6 exam levels. The Spanish School Berceo Salamanca offers courses for such levels as: A2, B1, B2, C1. If you want to present A1 or C2 level, consult us.

You will have lessons focused on practicing and improving all the necessary skills for
passing the exam. The student will complete different assessments that will be checked by the teacher. Every week you will do 1 DELE exam to see the progress.

DELE examination sessions 2023

4 daily lessons 

Duration by level:

A2: 6 weeks, 120 lessons

B1, B2, C1: 8 weeks, 180 lessons

SIELE Course Description

SIELE examination session

4 daily lessons 

What is included?

20 lessons per week

Free certificate

Additional materials


—DELE/SIELE1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks
DELE/SIELE preparation
course of Spanish language

20 hours/week

260 €450 €655 €795 €

Calendar 2023

Days9 – 276 – 246 – 313 – 282 – 315 – 303 – 281 – 314 – 292 – 276  – 304  – 22

*The course can be started any Monday. To start any other day, please contact with us.

The level A1 students may start the first monday monthly.


April  6th, 7th and 24th; May 1st; June 12th; August 15th; September 8th; October 12th; November 1st; December 6th and  8th.

*Our center is closed from 22/12/2023 to 06/01/2024.